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Work Experience Day 10

This was my last day of work experience with UK STEM and I’m sad to be leaving. I’ve had such a great time here! In the morning, I started to write my final presentation on Google Slides. There was lots to include so I summarised it into points and then planned what I was going […]

Work Experience Day 9

Today I got up to more shenanigans with the crumble and did some writing and research on my computer. Firstly, in the morning I sorted out some pictures on the website in the Activity Description area. They’re now in a collage which I think looks much better. Then, I asked Beckie for some help and […]

Work Experience Day 8

My work experience with UK STEM is coming close to its end now and I’m really enjoying writing these blogs. This morning I thought of some more ideas about the CUB that I added to my evaluation and checked through my blogs for grammar or spelling mistakes (which I often make). Next, I had meeting […]

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